1886 - Edward S. Morse publishes, “Japanese Homes and their Surroundings”

As the most detailed source of information on Japanese domestic architecture available to Wright prior to his first visit to Japan, then, it seems that Japanese Homes may well have exercised a formative influence on his perception of the Japanese house—to the extent that by the time he finally saw the real thing in 1905 many of his views on the subject would appear to have been firmly established.”

Kevin Nute, Frank Lloyd Wright and Japan, 1993

A pioneering study of the indoor and outdoor features of traditional Japanese homes by Orientalist Edward S. Morse. With its numerous illustrations of traditional Japanese houses, the book provided a remarkable insight into Japanese domestic architecture and the Japanese garden. Wright acquired intimate knowledge of Japanese architecture from Morse’s highly regarded book.


Guest Room of a Dwelling in Tokyo
Illustration from Japanese Homes and their Surroundings, Boston, Ticknor, 1886